Into Space 3: What we would like to see

into space

Firstly, anyone that has played the game will be familiar with the small black gates that are apparently supposed to boost your speed. The problem is that you must get your spaceship squarely between the two sides of the gate for it to give you an incremental speed boost, and this is extremely difficult to do when you reach higher and higher speeds.

More often than not you tend to clip the edge of one of the sides of the gates resulting in your spaceship spinning out of control and effectively destroying your flight path. Into Space 3 needs either a widening of these speed booster gates or an abolishing of them altogether.

Secondly, the sheer quantity of obstacles that you encounter along the way also makes it very, very irritating as you move faster and faster. These are obviously part of the game and the challenge of the whole thing would be greatly diminished if they weren’t included, but some of the other variables like the wind and the randomly-generated black holes when you reach outer space appear entirely unfair. You could be having a spectacular run having performed excellent manoeuvres and done everything right, but could be thwarted at the last second by some completely unavoidable wind or a black hole that simply cannot be avoided because of the random nature of where they pop up.

It would be beneficial to many frustrated players out there if there were an early warning system for these kinds of obstacles (and not just a radar upgrade that you achieve later in the game).

The final point in this article is in reference to the game’s longevity, which in spite of its length is something it is severely lacking in. The game is simply too long and doesn’t have enough to keep you interested for long enough to complete the whole thing. The grinding for money in order to be able to afford the different upgrades is an arduous process in itself. Add to this the huge amount of time it takes to get to the stage where your craft is upgraded enough for you to not crash and burn after the first thirty seconds, and you’ve got an initially incredible game that gets tiresome very quickly.

A hastening of the upgrade process would combat this, or perhaps a lowering of the difficulty of the main game/side missions to a similar scale as Wonder Rocket, since some of them are nearly impossible to complete for all but the luckiest of people that just so happen to get the right combination of environmental factors on their round to be able to complete their tasks. For now you will have to make do with in the first and second games.