Kingdom Rush – Guards at the Ready!

kingdom rush update

A quality game of tower defense is quite a rare find in the gaming world, but Kingdom Rush never fails to disappoint. A combination of strategic tower defense and fantasy, the game allows you to take charge of the safety of your kingdom by placing towers in various positions to halt the enemies’ progress. As one of the most well-put-together tower defense games you are ever likely to play, Kingdom Rush takes tower defense and makes the format and makes it more entertaining than any other game.

The gameplay involves the placing of a variety of towers at different points on the terrain of each level in order to stop the enemy from reaching the gates of your kingdom. Each enemy that manages to make it through the gates costs you one life, with the level being lost if you let your lives reach 0. The goal is to destroy each and every enemy before your kingdom can be overrun. Your progress is aided by the ability to upgrade each of your towers in order to make them more powerful as you encounter different kinds of enemy, which become increasingly difficult to kill as you unlock them during the game.

The game isn’t simply about mindlessly upgrading your towers to the max, since you are given a limited number of upgrade stars to spend on the upgrade process. Instead, the emphasis is on careful selection of your upgrades, the strategic placement of your towers, and the combination of towers that you choose to deploy. Different enemies possess different stats and are vulnerable to particular kinds of attacks. Shamans, for example, are resistant to magic and can be taken down swiftly with archer towers.

The game stands unrivalled in its distinctive visual style surpassing others such as the cute chibi knight, which is based on cartoon-like illustrations and comedic sounds such as cheery battle cries as you build each of your towers. If you consider the game's incredibly rich gameplay and provision for upgrades alongside its incredible visual style, then it becomes clear that Kingdom Rush is one of the most well-executed tower defense titles in the world today.