Pokémon Tower Defense 2 Hacked


There are few games out there that have captivated such a large audience for so long as much as Pokémon. The franchise has games varying from mystery dungeon spin-offs and puzzle-like games through to the classic main series which is one of the best-selling video game franchises ever. The millions of fans that follow Pokémon through the ages and through generations are passionate about all things Pokémon, so it is unsurprising that a game entitled Pokémon Tower Defense should peak their interest, and it did so in a very big way. Before long, the tower defense/Pokémon RPG hybrid gained quite the loyal following and a sequel was released, PTD 2, which takes us up to the present. With almost weekly updates, regular mystery gifts, and consistent input from the fans, the game is a very unique experience unlike any other tower defense game out there, and the only way to make it better is to play the hacked version if you agree with this sort of thing.

Choosing the hacked version of PTD 2 over the original does require that you make the sacrifice of not being able to transfer the Pokémon you acquire in it to the regular version, but this is a small price to pay for the convenience that hacked gameplay brings. Traditionally, the aim of of the td title is to play through Story Mode by training up your Pokémon, entering them into battles and gaining small quantities of experience points to level them up. This procedure is much more elaborate than even some intricate titles such as Warzone Tower Defense http://www.kongregate.com/games/drfrank/warzone-tower-defense, and makes this game truly stand out from the tower defense crowd.  The only downside to this kind of long-haul format is that beginners are at somewhat of a disadvantage because other players that have been playing longer are likely to have built up a formidable Pokémon team whereas you have low-level Pokemon at the start and would usually have to spend a long time training them up. This is where the hacked version comes in because a few tweaks have been applied to make things a little easier.

The main advantage of the hacked version of this game is the number of experience points that you gain from each battle, which is considerably elevated in order to make you level up more quickly. The other restriction that has been lifted is the need to wear a Pokémon's health down before capturing it; in the hacked version, you can capture a Pokémon after just one hit, making it easier to amass the Pokémon you need to form the perfect team. A money hack is also applied to this game, but currency isn’t really used for very much as it stands so this one is a little erroneous for the time being.

Playing the hacked version of Pokémon Tower Defense 2 Hacked http://www.ptdhacked.com/ptd-2-hacked.html is the obvious way for Pokémon fans to enjoy their favourite tower defense twist on the game without having to spend too much time training up their Pokémon. With a variety of hacked games and other tower defense classics on PTD Hacked, you’ll never run out of ways to entertain yourself and explore the wonderful world of tower defense action, as well as hacked versions of games that simply make life a little easier for you.