Pokemon Tower Defense Hacked

pokemon tower defense

Pokémon Tower Defense was therefore a rather unexpected breakthrough hit, and showed that just because something looks incompatible on paper, doesn’t mean it won’t be gaming gold in practice. The game still takes up quite a bit of time, however, but the hacked version will put these concerns to rest.

The gameplay of the hacked version is untarnished and doesn't depart from the original in any serious way. You still go about your business catching and battling Pokémon over a series of levels. Everything remains pretty much as it should be. Completing each 'level' requires the fulfilment of various criteria such as the defeat of certain numbers of Pokémon in different manners. Battling still has the same format, allowing you to choose 6 of your creatures to take into battle with you, but ensuring that you get to capture as many as you fancy in your total collection. The type matchups of the original PTD Version?  These remain also, as does capturing Pokémon, acquiring money, trading, and all the usual bells and whistles of the Pokémon Tower Defense world: the hacks just make things a whole lot easier.

Perhaps the most advantageous difference in the hacked version is that your Pokémon level up extremely quickly, taking much of the time-intensive side out of the equation. This is particularly useful for fans that aren’t truly die-hard, but instead wish to get a sense of what the whole Pokémon thing is all about without having to invest countless hours training up their Pokémon in order to create a formidable team. The speed of levelling up also goes hand-in-hand with the acquisition of vast sums of money, with your (Pokémon-based) bank balance inflating every time you make a purchase, meaning you don’t have to grind for cash to be able to afford items or various stones (which now cost  a flat 10000 each).

Other hacks in Pokemon Tower Defense 1 - http://www.pokemontowerdefense1.com/ include a one-hit-capture system whereby you don’t have to wear down the Pokémon’s heath to the red zone as is the usual Pokémon procedure. Pokémon can now be capture after just one hit, making the amassing of your Pokémon army a much easier task. You can engage in Pokémon trading http://www.pokemon.com/uk/pokemon-trading-card-game/, but remember that you can only trade with other hacked versions: trading between hacked and non-hacked accounts isn’t possible.

In all, Pokemon Tower Defense Hacked is recommended for those who wish to experience all that the game has to offer but without needing to spend every waking hour training your team.