Whack Your Teacher – A Virtual Relief to that Annoying Teacher

whack your teacher

Fed up with school deadlines? Want to do away with detention? Or perhaps you've grown tired of the tirade of insults mean teachers force you to sit through. Well apparently you're not the only one. Box 10's Don't Whack Your Teacher is a satirical look at school life, giving you a golden opportunity to dish out the pain without ending up behind bars.

There is no lengthy back story to justify the bloody events that take place in the game, yet, it doesn't really matter. You don't need to be a genius to figure out what ticked off the seemingly innocent student listening attentively to his teacher. After sitting through the mean old man's incessant grumbling, said kid decides to take matters into his own hands and that's where things get interesting.

The game is more of an interactive animation short, wherein you scour the scene to find clickable objects. Depending on your weapon of choice, the sequence that follows changes, usually with the kid walking off like nothing happened. Unless you're the squeamish type or are actually the same age as the student with an anger problem, this title may just get a few snickers out of you.

To the game's credit, the weapon variety is pretty awesome. Some of these stick out like a sore thumb and obviously dangerous while others still are seemingly harmless. For instance, a pair of scissors is a standard school weapon and the baseball bat is easy to spot as it is often used in bashing zombie brains - http://401ak47.com/top-10-best-melee-weapons-for-killing-zombies/. On the other hand, an insect spray leaves a little to your imagination to fill in the violent details.

To get the most out of your teacher whacking experience, it is recommended that you spend some time spotting all thirteen interactive elements. Each animation is unique, with some even moving from the initial frame and out the window, literally.

Part of the game's charm lies in its stellar animation. The doodle art is reminiscent of the classics in all its black and white, hand-drawn glory. Though there are hardly any voice clips to be heard, the facial expressions more than make up the slack to top off the silly visual narrative. Seeing the teacher show concern over a little stumble certainly adds some entertaining irony. If you haven't gotten your fill of watching a certain weapon deal some damage, you can opt to view the clips again by clicking on the same object.

Again, don't let its hand drawn animations fool you; this game isn't for impressionable young players. However, it may just be your cup of tea if you're looking for a way to harmlessly vent your frustrations. It would have been great to have demeaning voice clips added just to fuel the fire so to speak but as it is, the game's humor is entertaining enough. https://www.whackit.co/whack_your_teacher.html for some stress release, just tell the kids not to try it in real life.